Monday, April 6, 2015

The Dance

I've always loved dancing. Mom enrolled me in ballet/tap/jazz as a girl and I stuck with it a few years. But ballroom/social dancing always looked infinitely more cool to me. My first taste of that was as a 16 yr old at my first prom when our high school band director asked me to dance and he effortlessly led me in my first swing dance ever. I was hooked. Later I dated a German man who was quite good at ballroom dancing. What fun we had! After professional school (when i had my life back) ballroom dancing lessons were available at the local university. My husband and I tried it out without much success. Then Dancing With The Stars came on television and reignited my interest.

Years later (January 2014) my friend B called and said "we're going salsa dancing". I joined the crowd that night and my life has been forever changed. The $5 lesson was fun and we learned so much in only an hour. The teacher was starting up a new beginner session that month.  I started taking lessons and have learned so much and have made some very cool friends along the way. There was a core group of students who kept progressing through Salsa I, Salsa II, Salsa III, then eventually Rueda. We even took part in the International Rueda Flash Mob day on March 28, 2015!! We were on TV and in the newspaper!

Alas, our teacher is leaving the area. I'm so grateful to him for all I've learned and for the new circle of friends I have because of his classes. I know this is not goodbye, rather a 'see you later'. A new creative vein has been tapped in my brain and I feel so lucky for this awakening.


Percussive rhythms of my youth
Are awakening
Left brain gives way to right
Order and expression marry
In beautiful silent communication
Listening with fingertips, eyes and hips
Salsa, Cha Cha, Merengue, Rueda
The Dance is infinite
Joyful gratitude abounds.

Thanks for the memories K.

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