Monday, March 7, 2016

Dollar Store Makeup

So, historically I've steered clear of stores like Deals and Dollar Tree but in recent years I've begun to see that they offer value and convenience. They are both MUCH smaller (square footage-wise) than Wal-Mart which allows me to get in and out quickly. This past summer I was able to get 75% of my son's school supplies at Deals which saved me a ton of $. We even got his back-pack there and it's still holding up well.

On a recent trip I noticed their makeup selection. At $1 for each item I figured I'd try a lip, cheek and eye product just to see what they were like. My makeup supply needs a Spring freshening so I went for pastels.

The eye shadow and blush were great. Look at how many great new options I have now for my eyes!!! It was A DOLLAR! The blush is quite pigmented, so a little goes a long way. Using my new elf makeup brushes to apply the eyeshadow and blush makes me feel like a professional make-up artist. I became aware of the elf(Eyes Lips Face) line via a few makeup bloggers: here and here

Next:  the lip gloss. The above pictured lip gloss didn't work for me primarily because it literally STINKS! The smell of this product is repulsive. It's a shame because the color was nice but I couldn't stand to have it on for more than 10 seconds. While shopping I noticed they had elf lip gloss but resisted. So, the next trip there I picked up the elf lip gloss pictured below.

I love it! The color was a nice spring pink and the fragrance was just fine. It feels good on my lips and provides good moisture. After looking online, it comes in five different colors, all of which have men's first names (??).  It costs $2 online, but I paid $1. 
So, for $3 total (not counting the dud lip gloss), I was able to add some fresh colors to my makeup collection for Spring. Yay! Check out the Deals near you and let me know your experience.
Happy (almost) Spring!