Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Frugal Yoga Wear

Yoga clothing can be pretty darn expensive. I've browsed basic black yoga pants online and about fell off my chair when I saw the sticker price of $70 per pair. The yoga studio at which I teach,
Studio Gaia, has a free-cycle clothing rack that I've gleaned a few gems from. My friends at the studio know I'm always "shopping" on the free-cycle rack before my class starts. So, when my friend E offered to let me look through her donate bag before she donated it, I said YES! Check out these awesome new finds:

Brand names include Calvin Klein, Jockey and Fabletics

Seven "new" yoga pants and six new shirts/tanks!!!!!!!!!! BOOM!
These combined with my current inventory means that I won't need to buy yoga clothing for about 10 years. This just brings home the point that I learned by reading The Tightwad Gazette back in the 90's. Always say yes when someone offers you hand-me-downs.
You never know what might be in the bag.


  1. All these yoga clothes are amazing. I am glad that your lucky enough to get so many pairs easily. I know that exercise clothes can be very expensive but I always save a lot of money on alo yoga pants and other brands by buying that on exclusive sale offers.

  2. Thanks for your tip! I just checked out that site. Cool looking stuff!


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