Monday, February 24, 2014

Foundational Pieces

Hope you are all surviving this incredible winter we've been having. Lately I've been thinking about those few "work-horse" pieces that are a must in every wardwrobe. You know, the black dress pant, a good "business suit", other neutral colored pants, solid colored tops, comfortable dress shoes, a neutral fashionable handbag, and several scarfs to punch up the color interest. I'll address accessories in a different post. But today, I'd like to focus on two pieces that I use a lot together: the ivory turtleneck and camel dress pants.  These can look great on their own with a statement necklace or provide a great foundation for other pieces to layer over them.

Ivory turtleneck, Mossimo, Goodwill
camel dresspants, Liz Claiborne, gifted
Elle mules, Goodwill
Add color interest with a statement necklace, Karma resale

Throw on a faux fur vest for instant winter fun!!
faux fur vest, Karma resale shop
                                              Navy shrug, New York and Company
                                                Necklace, New York and Company

                                                            tiger stripe cardigan, H & M
                                                    necklace, Rag Doll Clothing Exchange

                             A little trick I've learned when I'm tired of winter is to add a touch of coral...
                                                              coral knit swing cardigan, H&M

                                                        black sweater vest, JCPenney
                                                        fuschia scarf, Karma resale shop
                                                    rhinestone earrings, Karma resale shop

What are some of your favorite foundational pieces in your wardwrobe? Leave a comment below. I love to hear from all of you!! Spring's just around the corner....


  1. Valerie,

    Another great post. Maybe you should consider talking about the fit of clothes in an upcoming post. I like your fashion choices, but your pants look a bit too loose. Maybe you've lost weight recently?

    1. Hi again! Yeah, those pants are loose. I've recently taken up salsa dancing and that has caused some weight loss. Also I'm doing physical therapy for my back and that burns calories too. Guess I need to eat a few cheeseburgers!!! Thanks so much for commenting. Blog-unity!!!

    2. Oh no, I didn't mean it in a negative way. You look great! It was just an observation about those pants in particular ;) Have a great day!!


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